Coronavirus: information and updates

Celebrating Volunteers Week 2020

We want to thank our 4,000 volunteers who give their time and effort to Scope.

They do fantastic work:

  • in our shops
  • on the online community
  • at challenge events
  • in our services
  • in our offices.

This helps us give practical information and emotional support to disabled people and their families when it's most needed.

Gillian celebrates 35 years with Scope

We feel lucky to see such dedication and commitment from so many. This summer Gillian Smith is celebrating an incredible 35 years as a Shop Volunteer at Scope. Gillian shared her memories and thoughts about her time at the Anlaby Scope charity shop near Hull.

Gillian in her garden smiling

How are you getting on in this current (coronavirus) situation?

“You just manage, what can I say? You make do and mend. I feel for those who are on their own.”

How did you start volunteering with Scope?

“I had seen an advert for it – "Do you want to volunteer?" So I went in and the manager said "Oh yes! What day can you come in?" I said "Wednesday", just like that. So that’s how I came to be, it wasn’t because of Scope particularly, but it was just something different to do”

What changes have you seen during your time volunteering?

“Well it’s just all changed. The shop is bigger for a start. It’s like anything, it’s just different. It’s just got to change after 35 years hasn’t it? The rules and regulations, you know, by Eck’, it’s like anything it’s just different,  nothing stays the same!”

What's the most unusual item you've seen donated or purchased in your shop?

"A long time ago, you know those old mincers that you put on the table and wound round, well, this one came in complete with meat! I thought ee gosh! So that was a bit different! It was in the process of being minced!! That was quite a funny thing. No one would remember that as it’s donkeys years ago! Fancy bringing stuff in like that!”

What's been your most memorable moment throughout your years of volunteering at Scope?

“The best thing of course was going to Buckingham Palace. That was for 30 years’ service and came completely out of the blue. I just loved every minute of it so that would always be top of my list. I told Steve (Area Manager) when he came to visit that I could do with another trip there!

I absolutely loved it. I was as near to Prince Charles as three rows back, I could almost have touched him, which made my day for a start, The Duchess of Cornwall was not far away and the Duke of Edinburgh was going up and down like a dose of salts. He was 90 then. He was going up and down jet propelled. I don’t think there could be anything to beat that. No, no not even on a Wednesday, I don’t think it’s quite up to that”

Vicky the shop manager said ‘’Gillian’s quite a character and we love her to bits! 35 years is just incredible. She had been with the Anlaby store since the first month it opened 35 years ago. She’s our top sales lady and is loved by all’’

Looking to the future

With our charity shops currently closed, many of our volunteers have said they miss volunteering and can’t wait to get back to see their Scope friends and make a difference again.

As we continue to work towards re-opening shops safely, we look forward to welcoming our brilliant volunteers back as we continue to do what we do best: fundraising and campaigning to provide practical information and emotional support when it’s most needed.

We will be looking for new volunteers when we re-open. If you're interested, you can register your interest now with the volunteering team.

Register your interest in volunteering in a Scope shop

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