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What is domestic abuse, and how does it affect disabled people?

TW: domestic abuse, sexual abuse A campaign called '16 days of action against domestic violence' is taking place from the 25th November until the 10th December. This is all about raising awareness of ...

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Hello! PhD student interested to hear from people who've experienced domestic abuse, details below

This is a survey for any one who has experienced domestic abuse whether currently or in the past. The aim of our research is to find out more about your views on the services currently available and ...

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Virgin Media and Scope: Tackling the disability employment crisis

1 million disabled people supported with vital employment advice and 100 businesses join scheme to tackle disability employment crisis


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for using the Scope website.

Finding emergency housing

How to access short-term emergency housing as a disabled tenant if you feel unsafe in your home and you need to leave for your own safety.

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VAT exemption on a car private purchase

I had struggled to find the information I needed about both a car and a person qualifying for a VAT free purchase of a car. So I’m sharing what I found out here. Context: we are a two old battered ...

Profile picture of the author Discussion in Housing and independent living - 2 Dec 2021

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Questions about ESA Telephone WCA

Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice/support in regards to my upcoming phone assessment. I have different mental and physical health problems, one of them being social anxiety so I'm VERY worried ...

Profile picture of the author Discussion in Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - 29 Aug 2021

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assistance and guidance please: complex PTSD/ADHD/Autism

i'm the parent of an adult son, whos been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and Complex PTSD ( the later arising out of domestic trauma/mental abuse/ corrosive domestic environment ). blame for the complex ...

Profile picture of the author Discussion in Mental health and wellbeing - 5 Apr 2023

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Hi, my name is Andy60! Help with transport

I have had operation on my spire and because of this can only walk around my bungalow and garden cant do long walks the problem Is I'm having to use my mobility scooter to get around the buses wont ...

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Hi all new here my name is @ukssvictim

hi don’t know where to start....I have fibromyalgia diabetes disc degeneration, and severe anxieties severe depression, all because of a corrupt system which severely abused me continuously, so I ...

Profile picture of the author Discussion in Start here and say hello! - 13 Aug 2019

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