Employment for disabled people

Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people. But despite the potential barriers, help and support is available:

Looking for work?

Finding jobs
Find a job that matches your skills
Finding out whether a workplace is accessible
Working and your benefits
Job search via social media
Job networking tips
Training for work
Getting job references
Volunteering to develop your skills
Disability-friendly employers
Permitted work
Zero hours contracts

Applying and interviewing for a job

Writing a CV
Writing cover letters
Mentioning disability in your application
Asking for adjustments at interview
What to say in a job interview
Talking about your impairment in a job interview
Career role models: video

Reasonable adjustments

Talking to your employer about disability
Reasonable adjustments at work
Access to Work
Flexible and part-time working
Asking for adjustments when you have a job offer
Asking for adjustments after becoming disabled
Asking for new adjustments if your condition changes
If your employer rejects adjustments

Developing your career

Moving from volunteering into paid work
Accepting a job on benefits
Work probation and benefits
Work and benefits when your condition changes
Getting to know people at work
Too simple tasks: is it discrimination? 
Pay rises and benefits
Getting promoted
No promotions and pay: is it discrimination?

Support for disabled employees

Attitudes to disability at work
Disability discrimination
Changes at work
Managing stress at work
Having too much work
Being 'managed out' of your job
Sick leave
Stopping work and ill health retirement


Self-employment and benefits
Getting ready for self-employment
Pros and cons of self-employment
Trying self-employment
Help with tax and benefits
Reasonable adjustments when self-employed


Get online help from employment advisors

Need employment advice?

Support for disabled people looking for a job, online, by phone, Skype or text message.

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