Our impact at a glance

Our Everyday Equality strategy aimed to reach 2 million disabled people and their families.

We now exceed this each year. Between 2022 and 2023 alone, we supported 3.7 million customers.

This means over the lifetime of Everyday Equality we have supported over 15.6 million customer requests for information, advice and support.

We have beaten our target by 13.6 million.

Get the best start in life

We worked to improve opportunities for disabled children and the resilience of their families.

  • We supported 10,706 families with early and tailored support, information and advice through our family services.
  • We campaigned for accessible playgrounds with our Let’s Play Fair campaign.
  • We published pioneering research co-produced with young disabled people on what’s important to their lives.
  • As a member of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, we joined other charities to campaign for improved health and social care for disabled children, young people and their families.

Get the best start in life: our impact.

Live the life I choose

We worked to empower disabled people through our information, advice and support, so that they can make informed decisions about their lives.

  • We had 6.8 million visits to our online advice and support pages.
  • We had 8.7 million visits to our online community pages.
  • 190,266 enquiries were answered through our helpline, providing personalised help, advice and information.
  • £1.5 million in grants was distributed to 77 local organisations, reaching an estimated 130,000 disabled people who were hit the hardest by the pandemic.
  • We campaigned to make public transport more accessible. The Government committed to creating a guide that explains disabled people's rights and the standards they should expect.
  • 3,000 secondary school students were reached through our Role Models programme.
  • 1,020 young disabled people engaged in projects and events funded by our Youth Community Collective.
  • We called on technology businesses to improve the digital world for disabled people. 7 streaming services made accessibility improvements. And 203,080 users visited our Resource Hub pages.
  • We challenged negative public attitudes, partnering with ITV on a campaign about invisible disabilities seen by millions of viewers. And published the world’s largest piece of research into attitudes.
  • We celebrated the achievements of disabled people through our first Scope Disability Equality Awards.

Live the life I choose: our impact

Be financially secure

We worked to reduce the gap between the percentage of disabled people and non-disabled people in work. And to reduce the extra costs disabled people face.

  • We supported an estimated 1 million disabled people in their quest to get into and stay in work through our Work with Me initiative in partnership with Virgin Media. And we offered tailored support, to 8,147 disabled people helping them to move closer to or get into work.
  • We collaborated with employers to improve workplace policies, practice and culture so that disabled employees are better supported at work and experience improved attitudes in the workplace. 
    We influenced Government through our research and sharing the experiences of disabled people.
  • We supported disabled people with the cost of living. 14, 808 people were supported through our new Disability Energy Support service. And we issued 2,094 fuel vouchers to provide emergency support to disabled customers with credit meters.
  • We campaigned to reduce extra costs that disabled people face, through our Disability Price Tag and Cost of Living Crisis campaigns. And we reached millions of viewers through our Cost of Breathing Crisis campaign with ITV.
  • We campaigned for a fairer benefits system through our Disability Benefits Without the Fight campaign. And we succeeded in a government announcement that they will run a trial, matching a person’s primary health condition to a specialist assessor.

Be financially secure: our impact

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