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Getting travel advice from other disabled people

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Planning accessible holidays abroad

Warning Latest travel advice

Check the latest Government travel advice before booking.

Foreign travel advice (GOV.UK)

Cancellations may not be covered by travel insurance.

Talking to other disabled people is a good way to find out about accessible travel. They could be people:

  • with the same condition
  • with similar needs to you
  • who want the same kind of holiday, such as adventure travel or a weekend stay

Travelling when you’re disabled can cost more. For example:

  • paying for a carer or personal assistant (PA) to go on holiday with you
  • taking out specialist medical insurance
  • extra seating costs on transport like buses and trains

There might be ways of avoiding some of these extra costs, like shopping around for insurance.

Travel insurance for disabled people

Warning Opinions are not professional advice

Advice on communities, forums, customer reviews and social media are often based on one person's experience. Their needs may be different to yours.

Try to find a range of views.

Groups and forums

You could talk to other disabled travellers in social media groups and forums. You may want to try searching for groups or forums specific to your condition or impairment.

Accessible travel club Facebook group

Disability Horizons Facebook group

Tripadvisor forum

Euan’s Guide forum and reviews

Guides for travelling and mental health (IAMAT)

Accessible travel companies

Disabled travellers should expect the same level of service from mainstream travel operators as everyone else. But there are companies that specialise in supporting disabled travellers’ needs.

Limitless Travel is a specialist holiday provider for people with a wide range of mobility restrictions and conditions.

Enable Holidays is an agency that specialises in accessible travel for wheelchair users.

Travel Eyes is a tour operator providing independent group travel for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Disabled Holidays is a specialist provider that organises a range of accessible holidays including cruises, adventure holidays, and family breaks.

Questions to ask

You could start by sharing:

  • where you want to go
  • what you want to do
  • what makes you feel excited

You could ask questions on forums like:

  • Where have you been that was good for access? And where was bad for access?
  • How do you budget? Did you need to manage extra costs like travelling with a personal assistant (PA)?
  • Did you access any funding through a charity or social care provider?
  • How did you research and plan your itinerary? Were you able to see and do everything you wanted?
  • Did anything go wrong while you were on holiday? How did you deal with it?
  • Which staff were the most helpful?
  • Did you take extra luggage, for example your wheelchair, shower chair or a portable hoist? How did you manage this with your transport?
  • What insurance did you get? Where did you get it from? Was it expensive?
  • Did you plan yourself or use a travel agency? Can you recommend a travel agency?
  • Do you have any tips for finding the best deals? Or can you recommend any deals?

If you feel comfortable, you may also want to ask questions that are more specific to your condition or impairment. For example, you could ask if anyone has tips for quieter ways to travel, or fun activities that are wheelchair-friendly.

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