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Managing stress at work

If you are feeling stressed at work, it’s important to seek help. Talking with your manager or HR department about the parts of your job that you find stressful could get you the help you need. Working out what’s making you stressed is a good place to start.

Making changes to your environment, equipment or duties can help reduce stress. If you need these changes because you’re disabled, these are called reasonable adjustments under the law.

Reasonable adjustments at work

Equality Act 2010 (GOV.UK) 

Getting emotional support

Talk to your doctor, who may refer you to someone who can give you professional emotional support.

Some employers also have independent employee assistance schemes. Find out if your employer does.

Work and stress (Mind, the mental health charity)

Mind Wellness Action Plans are available free online for employers, employees and for those working from home.

Talk with your employer

Talk about what you find stressful with someone you feel comfortable with. Together, you could find ways to manage the stress and improve your situation.

Planning and pacing your work

If you need to pace yourself at home, ask your manager if you can make a similar plan for work. Reduced hours and flexible working can both be reasonable adjustments.

Flexible and part-time working

Reasonable adjustments to your duties, equipment or environment

The right adjustments can make your job less stressful. Employers must make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees. This can include different duties, new equipment and changing your environment. There is no set definition of what is ‘reasonable’. It depends on your condition, the job and the employer.

Your employer might not know that they must make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees. If your employer does not respond to your needs, email a more formal request.

Reasonable adjustments request template 

Get someone independent to help (mediation)

If you cannot get the help you need, a mediator might help you and your employer. They can help you both think about things in a different way and find a solution.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) helps with individual disputes and offers mediation services. Call the helpline on 0300 123 1100.

If you are still stressed

You might not have to stick with the same job or employer. If you start looking, you might find a job that's a better fit for your skills with a disability-friendly employer.

Finding a job that matches your skills 

Disability-friendly employers 

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