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Finding reviews of assistive technology

Talking to people, searching on social media and reading reviews can all help you work out what things might work for you. Opinions are not the same as getting professional advice from someone like an occupational therapist.

Talk to other people

Asking other people about disability equipment, assistive technology and phone apps they use can help you find out what’s out there. You could try:

  • asking disabled friends or colleagues what they recommend
  • reading conversations about equipment, assistive technology and apps on online communities or forums
  • talking to other people or asking for advice on online communities or forums

Ask our online community

Youreable forum (Disabled Living Foundation)

Search on social media

Social media can be a great place to find information or connect with others in a similar situation. You could try:

  • searching Twitter using searches like 'accessibility apps', 'A11y apps' or 'a11y tech'. 'A11y' is short for accessibility.
  • finding disability blogs or blogs by people with the same condition or impairment as you
  • looking for Facebook groups, such as general accessible tech groups or groups for your condition or impairment
  • look for podcasts like Tech Talk (RNIB) and TechShare (AbilityNet)

Look for product reviews

Reviews can help you learn more about a product and its features. They can also tell you about how others have used it and whether it will meet your needs. You could try looking at:

  • tech reviews and assistive tech reviews
  • customer reviews
  • blogger reviews
  • reviews on YouTube

Warning Reviews are not professional advice

Advice on communities, forums, customer reviews and social media are often based on one person's experience.

Finding more reviews may help you to understand how people feel about a product or app, but reviews are not professional advice.

Help with apps and technology online

Searching online and on app stores can be overwhelming with so many products on offer.

Learning to use new assistive technology or equipment

These websites are a good place to start:

Check disability websites supporting your needs for specific app and tech suggestions. For example, the Site Advice FAQ list of apps for visual impairments.

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