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Sleep tips for adults

Problems falling asleep, staying asleep and getting good sleep can stem from a variety of causes. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your sleep at this time:

  • Avoid checking social media or the news just before bed.
  • Switch off screens an hour before you want to sleep.
  • Plan to do a thing you enjoy every day.
  • Try to get outside if you can and feel safe.
  • Try to escape into a book.
  • Connect with people and keep talking.
  • Try a power nap as 20 minutes may perk you up.
  • Decide with a partner, family member or friend that you will chat every day about normal, non-virus stuff.
  • Use mindfulness or meditation before going to sleep.

If you’re not sleepy, do not stay in bed. Wait until you’re tired, so you fall asleep more quickly. This avoids creating a pattern of insomnia where you spend too much time in bed awake.

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Last reviewed by Scope on: 24/02/2022

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