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Talking to other people who employ PAs

If you’re thinking about employing a personal assistant (PA), you might want to ask for advice and support from other people who employ PAs.

Local disability groups

You might find someone at a local disability group who employs a PA. There are some organisations that can help:

Once you’ve found a group near you, see if they have meetings or online groups where you can ask people about employing PAs. 

Local resources

Your local authority, doctor, hospital, community or faith group, library or someone who has supported you in getting a PA could help.

If you found your personal assistant through an agency, try asking them where you can find local resources on employing PAs. 

Local hospices sometimes have independent groups set up by people they have helped.

Find a hospice near you (Hospice UK)

Social media

Social media is a great way to access a wider support network. You could try Facebook or Twitter for existing groups of PA employers, such as:

Health Your Way

You could also try starting a conversation:

Scope online community

Warning Stay safe online

Always be careful about sharing personal information online. Never tell people your address or share details you're not comfortable sharing. Never lend people money or give them your bank account details. You should block people you do not like or who upset you. If in doubt, ask a friend or advocate for advice.

Get Safe Online

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