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Self care

Set small achievable goals and take breaks as and when you need them. Pace yourself. Campaigns are rarely won in a week.

Looking after yourself is important, more so during busy periods of a campaign. Take care of the essentials like, eating well and taking any medication you need.

Plan your activities and don’t be afraid to bring more people on board to share responsibility. Let someone else pick things up if you need to take a break.

But most of all, keep it fun. And enjoy it.

You cannot account for everything, somethings things will go wrong. But don’t lose heart. Most problems can be worked around. Problems do not reflect on you, so do not take it personally. Every campaign can have problems, so keep it in perspective.

Lots of people dive into their campaigns extremely quickly, running on adrenaline and excitement. Whilst this can be fun, it usually results in their campaign being short lived, without much change being achieved.

By going slow and steady, you can make sure your campaign is effective and long lasting. Then you can make the change you want to see.

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