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Our lives, our journey

Our lives, our journey is a pioneering research study, following the lives of disabled people in the UK over 5 years.

Disabled people tell us there are important moments of change during their lives that have a lot of influence. The support, interventions and decisions made at these important moments can have a significant effect on what happens next.

Our study focuses on 4 specific groups of people, each representing a different important moment of change:

  • Disabled people who have recently started a new job
  • Parents of an early years disabled child
  • Disabled people who have recently acquired an impairment
  • Disabled people entering adulthood


Over the 5 year study, we will be publishing reports on the 4 important moments of change. You will be able to find all of these here.

Starting a new job

The participants in this study told us about the positive and negative experiences they had starting a new job, and the influence that has had on their lives.

Starting a new job

Future reports

As we continue this research study, we will be publishing reports on the other important moments of change. 

The next report: Parents of early years disabled children.

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