Running half marathons - training plans and tips

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Training for a half marathon is manageable even for the busiest lives but it is still a tough challenge. If you can run two to three miles at a time, you should be able to train for a half marathon in 12 weeks.

Our top personal trainer Rhian Martin has provided you with a basic training plan to get you to event day in great shape.

Before it starts you need to be able to run the distances in week one comfortably so get out there, do some running or play some sport - generally get fit so you are ready to roll!

Injury prevention

  1. Recovery & Rest
    When you are in hard training your body needs time to recover and recuperate. Include rest days in training plans.
  2. Position & Technique
    You may need some adjustment to your position or set up. Having an external opinion could tweak position and technique to help prevent injuries.
  3. Listen to your body
    If you are concerned about a niggle or pain then be sensible and give it a rest and time to recover.
  4. Seek professional help
    If the pain is severe, getting worse or not going away then seek professional advice from a Doctor or Physiotherapist.
  5. Shoes
    Make sure your shoes are supportive enough and match your running style. You can get professional running gait analysis done or ask advice from a running shop and coach.

Training plan

Here is your guide to running half marathons (PDF, this will open in a new window)

Your trainer: Rhian Martin

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Rhian Martin is an experienced Great Britain elite triathlete, a qualified personal trainer and Iron(wo)man. She carried the Torch at the 2012 London Paralympics.