Triathlon - tips and training plans

Endurance swimmers

Sprint & Olympic distance triathlon transition tips

  1. Transitions are the 4th discipline
    Make sure before race day you have practiced T1 and T2 in training
  2. The wetsuit
    Getting the wetsuit off when wet and running is a skill, you don’t want to panic on race day. By doing it in training you will be confident come race day.
  3. Practice laying out your kit
    Your helmet, bike shoes, socks (if wearing), sunglasses, additional clothing should all be in set places. Know where everything is and which order you are going to put it on.
  4. Kit on a towel
    Standing on the towel after the swim will take a little of the excess water off before you put your shoes/socks on.
  5. Talc up
    Put some talc in your bike shoes (or socks if wearing) as feet can be wet from swim and getting wet feet in to shoes is even more difficult, especially under time pressure.