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Information for parents and carers about short breaks and activities in Leeds

Short break activities help disabled children have fun, try new things, gain independence and make friends. They also help parents and carers take a break from the pressures of family life.

Activities can be after school, at weekends or during school holidays. They can last from a couple of hours to a few days.

Activities can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • services for everyone (universal services), which disabled children can access
  • targeted services for specific groups of disabled children
  • specialist services for children whose needs cannot be met by universal or targeted services

Services for everyone

There are lots of activities which all children can access, like Brownies and Cubs, arts and crafts or football clubs.

All services must make reasonable adjustments so that disabled children are included in their activities.

You can look for activities using these Leeds City Council websites:

You can also find activities via your school and your local children's centre.

If a service needs support to meet your child’s needs, please ask them to contact us to discuss our Inclusive Activity Award.

Sessional Inclusion Workers

Sessional Inclusion Workers support families of disabled children to access activities for everyone. They will attend the chosen activity with your child and upskill the group and staff at that activity. Sessional workers offer short term support that aims to help the child continue attending the group, after the support has finished.

Accessing Sessional Inclusion Workers:

  • find an activity for your child
  • fill out an initial referral. Please contact for a referral form.
  • a Sessional Inclusion Worker is identified. Who will initially attends 3 or 4 sessions
  • we assess the activity, working towards a withdrawal plan. Supporting the group with achieving our Inclusion Activity Award.
  • once the family and group are happy that the child’s needs are being met. The support will end.

Targeted short breaks

Targeted short breaks are activities are for children with specific needs.

Short breaks and fun activities catalogue

This catalogue can help you find out about the activities available to your child. 

View the short breaks catalogue

If you'd like your child to take part in a targeted short break, you can register your interest.

Register interest in targeted short breaks

Specialist short breaks

Specialist services are aimed at children with more complex needs that cannot be met by universal or targeted services.

Access to specialist services is by:

Specialist services can include daytime or overnight breaks in a short break unit, short breaks with an approved foster carer or individual support worker.

Leeds City Council's One minute guide on short breaks and fun activities.

Scope's Inclusive Activity Award

Scope has developed a quality standard to improve services and help parents choose short breaks and activities.

This map shows all the activity providers who've achieved the Scope Quality Standard.

Help for Lead Professionals in Leeds.

Scope Inclusive Activity Award for providers of short break and activity services in Leeds.

Contact Scope in Leeds

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