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We have stopped taking referrals to our Sleep Right services in Leeds and London as we work towards launching our new family support service in Autumn 2024. Any parent or carer already on our waiting list will receive the full service they signed up for. Our Sleep Right Services in Peterborough and Northamptonshire will continue. 

While we are making these changes, Scope is still here for parents and carers. Our helpline provides free, independent and impartial advice and support. You will find online advice and support on a range of topics including sleep. And our online community is a space to make friends, share your experiences, get advice and discuss the issues that matter to you. 

Sleep Right is a free support service, that helps parents and carers of disabled children to improve their child's sleep.

Face-to-face sessions are now available, but you can continue with sessions over the phone and online, if you prefer.

Sleep Right services support you to modify and adjust your child’s bedtime behaviours. We are not able to prescribe any form of sleep medication.


The service is available to families with disabled children aged:

  • 4 to 18 in Peterborough
  • 2 to 18 in Northamptonshire

Sleep Right typically lasts for 6 sessions. If you know that you will not be able to take part during that time, such as a planned holiday, please think about applying at a later date.

If you have an unforeseen change in circumstance like poor health or sickness, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Making adjustments

We can provide adjustments if you need them, such as:


Sleep Right in Northamptonshire is funded by the Local Authority and NHS. You cannot sign yourself up directly. Contact us and we will tell you how to get a referral.


Sleep Right in Peterborough is funded by the Local Authority. You cannot sign yourself up directly. Contact us and we will tell you how to get a referral.

Support to improve your child's sleep

Sleep Right will help you put tools and techniques in place to help your child:

  • feel calm and relaxed at bedtime
  • fall asleep quicker
  • wake up less during in the night
  • get the sleep they need

The service offers:

  • support from a sleep practitioner, experienced in working with disabled children
  • practical advice and suggestions
  • tailored sleep plans
  • face-to-face, telephone and email support

You can now have face-to-face sessions with your practitioner. But, we are still offering sessions over the phone and online.

We've received brilliant support that has made a huge difference to how we approach bedtime. With Kerry's [Scope Practitioner] support it became obvious that my son only needed the right conditions and routine in place and he was able to sleep through for weeks without waking up. Genuinely amazing support. Thank you.

Sleep Right customer

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