There’s a way to work around every barrier

Mum helping disabled daughter to mix cake mixture

Your support helps Scope provide innovative solutions for families with disabled children. 

Sometimes dealing with the extra needs of disability can be overwhelming for parents. For children it can mean spending a lot of time going to and from appointments, which is no fun.

So it’s really important that we can offer families advice that they can fit into their everyday lives.

Take Molly. Her type of cerebral palsy means her muscles are constantly tensed on the right side of her body. She needs daily physio. But with a bit of adapting, physio can be worked around her daily routine and family fun times like baking!

For disabled children with sleep problems, a soft toy with attached dummies that they can associate with bedtime could be just the trick for settling into a sleep routine.

Children gain so much from characters in stories; they look up to them, identify with them and aspire to be like them. It's a huge part of developing imagination and learning about themselves and society. But how often do we see disabled children in story books? Sadly, hardly at all.

That’s why Scope creates story books that help disabled children understand their condition and build their confidence for the future.

And did you know, bubble wrap helps disabled children learn to drive electric wheelchairs? It’s placed in strips on the floor to guide them - they listen out for the popping. Who knew bubble wrap could be so valuable?

These are just some examples of how your support helps us support families with disabled children to have the same opportunities as anyone else.

Thanks so much for your support, and for helping disabled children to flourish.