Gifts in Wills

Your Will lets you choose what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. If you die without a Will, the law decides who gets what.

You can leave gifts for family, friends and your favourite causes when you write your Will. You do not need to tell us if you intend to leave us a gift in your will. But we are extremely grateful for any gifts that you can leave us in your will and we’d love to thank you personally.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Scope, you will be supporting disabled people like Mia for generations to come. 

Free Will-writing offer

If you’re over 55 you may be eligible to use our free Will-writing service to write a Will or update an existing one.

Free Will-writing offer 

If you don't qualify for our free offer, you can find a solicitor to help you make a Will

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Including Scope in your Will

To give a gift to Scope in your Will, you will need our address and charity registration number:

Scope, Here East Press Centre, 14 East Bay Lane, London E15 2GW

Charity registration number: 208231

Ways to include Scope in your Will

There are lots of ways you can leave a gift to us in your Will, including:

  • A residuary gift. After giving what you want to friends and family, you can leave what's left (or a percentage of what's left) to Scope. This sort of gift will keep its value over the time before your death.
  • A cash gift. You can leave a fixed amount of money to Scope. Because of inflation the value of a fixed cash gift will decrease over time, so you may want to review cash gifts from time to time. Or ask your solicitor about linking your cash gifts to the Retail Price Index so they maintain their value.
  • A gift in kind. You can give possessions to us, like property, shares, jewellery or furniture.
  • In a trust. You can set aside a sum in your Will which is left in a trust fund and given to Scope when the term of the trust fund ends. You can also do this in the deed of any trust you make in your lifetime.

Amending an existing Will

If you already have a Will and would like to add a gift to Scope, you may be able to add a simple form, known as a codicil, to your existing Will. Speak to your Will writer or solicitor to make sure this is done correctly.

Contact us

Contact us for any questions about the free Will-writing service or leaving a gift to Scope.

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