We do not give financial assistance or grants, but you may find it helpful to search for grants online.

Charities and grant-giving trusts rarely give money for things that you could get through, or could be funded by, statutory sources, so check your benefits first.

Don't apply for a grant from a charity or trust unless you've checked whether you can get something through a statutory source. Before you start, talk to a disability advice service to make sure you've thought about and tried all statutory sources.

If you find that you do need help from a charity or grant-giving trust, make sure you choose the right one. You might be able to get a list from your care manager, social worker, a local advice organisation, such as Citizens Advice or your local disability information and advice line.

Making your application

When you have a list of likely funders, you can start making applications. The process can be long and complex.

  • Make sure you match each charity or trust's eligibility criteria.
  • If you are applying for a large sum, you'll probably need to apply to several funders.
  • Find out how to apply - in writing, online, or on a special application form.
  • Some trusts and charities need applications to come through a third party, like social services or a professional.
  • Some only accept one application per year.
If you can't get statutory or grants help, you could consider fundraising yourself.

Find the right funding source for you.