Donate your Surplus Stock to us

Help us stock our shops by donating your surplus or sample stock

Illustration of colours T- shirts. Text says: Why donate your surplus stock to Scope

An ethical and sustainable solution

Donating end-of-lines to Scope turns your excess stock dilemma into an opportunity to support disabled people and their families. Plus, your company’s green credentials get a boost too!

Collections from your office or warehouse

We will arrange collections as quickly as possible to fit in with your schedule.

Respect for your brand and your support

We have 240 shops where the items could be sold and will fulfil any requirements you may have regarding their onward sale.

It won’t compete with other charity partnerships

We recognise that your company may already be fundraising for other charities. But by simply donating unwanted products to our shops means you get to support another great cause at same time.


Scope has decades of retail and recycling experience and already collects from some well-known retailers.

If you would like to make a donation, please get in touch with Kay on
or call 0207 619 7288.