Disability Living Allowance renewals

This information applies to England and Wales.

If your child has Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for a fixed period, you’ll need to renew their claim before it ends.

How to renew a DLA claim

Before your child’s award ends, you’ll receive a letter and DLA renewal form in the post. This usually happens 20 weeks before the award is due to end.

Call the DWP if you do not receive a letter and form.

The DLA renewal process is the same as when you first applied. You will need to:

  • complete the form, describing your child’s condition and needs
  • gather evidence to support your claim

The DWP does not consider your previous application. They will make a new decision using the form and any evidence you provide.

You must send the form and evidence within 4 weeks of receiving it. Ask for an extension if this will be difficult for you.

Completing the DLA form

Warning Get help with your DLA form

It can be emotional describing details of your child’s condition. Ask someone to help with this, such as a health professional, support worker or teacher, friend or family member.

You can also get support from:

DLA components

DLA has care and mobility components. Your child may be eligible for 1 or both. Each component has different rates of payment. The amount you receive depends on your child’s needs. DLA does not have a points system.

Your child will either get:

  • an indefinite award, where their DLA payment is ongoing
  • a fixed award, where they get DLA for a fixed period (you will need to reapply when it ends)

DLA care and mobility component rates

Gather new evidence

If anything has changed with your child's condition, include new evidence to show this.

For example, a report from new healthcare professionals your child may be seeing. Or if their Special Educational Needs (SEN) or school plan has been updated.

You can use evidence from your previous claim if it’s still relevant. Ask the DWP for a copy of your previous application and evidence if you do not have copies.

Warning Make copies

Sometimes post goes missing, so it’s a good idea to make a copy of the form before you send it.

It can also be useful for reference if you need to reapply in future. Or if your child moves from DLA to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) when they turn 16.

You could send the form by tracked delivery so that you have confirmation when it’s delivered.

DLA renewal outcomes

It usually takes about 8 weeks for the DWP to assess your form and send you a letter with a decision.

They will not contact you to say they received your form, but you can call them to check.

The DWP may need more information to make a decision. This could include a physical assessment.

Make sure you return the form well before the end of your current award. You could miss out on payments if you return it after the end date.

If your child's condition has improved or they need less support, they may get a lower payment rate or stop being entitled to DLA.

If the claim is not awarded

If your child's claim to renew DLA is refused or reduced, it can affect other benefits you receive.

DLA: what else you can claim

Contact the relevant benefits offices to let them know as soon as possible. This way, you're less likely to receive an overpayment in benefits that you will need to pay back.

How to report a change in your circumstances (GOV.UK)

You can challenge the DWP’s decision if you feel that your child should still be entitled to DLA.

You can also challenge the decision if you feel your child should get a higher award.

Appealing a benefits decision

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