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Energy saving tips

There are changes you can make around your home which will reduce your energy usage. Reducing your energy usage will reduce the amount you are spending on your energy bill.

Annual savings

£80 a year

The ideal temperature for your home is between 18 and 21 degrees. Turning your heating down by 1 degree will save you £80 a year. Turn radiators off if you have unused rooms.

How to use and set your heating controls

£55 a year

Dry clothes on racks or outside where possible instead of using a tumble dryer.

£38 a year

Fit a water-efficient shower head.

£35 a year

Turn off any non-essential electrical items, not just on to standby.

£25 a year

Draught proof your windows, doors, even letterboxes and keyholes. This stops heat from escaping.

Wash up in a bowl rather than using a running tap.

£15 a year

Turn your lights off when not in use.

£14 a year

Reduce your dishwasher use by 1 run per week. 

£8 a year

Do 1 less load of washing each week.

£7 a year

Showering for 1 minute less will save £7 a year for each person.

£3 a year

Replace 1 standard light bulb with an energy-efficient bulb.

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