Priority Services Register for extra help from energy and water companies

This information applies to England and Wales.

Energy and water companies in England and Wales must make sure that their services are accessible to you.

There are many ways they can support you when you’re on the Priority Services Register (PSR), including:

  • providing information in accessible formats
  • helping you with meter readings and bill payments
  • letting you know how they’ll help when there are planned cuts to supply

Getting financial help from your energy supplier

Warning Sign up for the Priority Services Register

Use the following link to send your request to your energy supplier (the company you pay your bills to) and your regional network companies including electricity, gas and water.

Sign up for The Priority Services Register (PSR)

Get on the Priority Services Register

You can sign up to a Priority Services Register to receive extra support from your energy or water company. It’s free to sign up.

You do not need to show proof of your condition, age or situation.

You’re eligible if any of these criteria apply. You:

  • have reached your State Pension age
  • are disabled or have a long-term medical condition
  • are recovering from an injury
  • have a hearing or sight condition
  • have a mental health condition
  • are pregnant or have children under 5
  • have extra communication needs, such as if you do not speak or read English well

You might still be able to register for other reasons. For example, if you need short-term support after a stay in hospital. Being on the register gives you access to:

  • information in an accessible format
  • notice of planned power cuts or water supply issues
  • identification schemes where companies give you a password, so you know it’s a genuine call
  • nominee schemes where they send your bills to a family member or carer of your choice
  • priority support in an emergency
  • help with meter readings

If you have different companies for water, electricity and gas, you will need to sign up with each. This could mean registering in 4 places:

If you switch suppliers, you will need to register again with your new company.

If you move house but stay with the same company, you’ll remain on their register. But you will need to update your details.

Read about the Priority Services Register (Ofgem)

Video about Priority Services Register (YouTube)

How emergency power cuts work (Energy Networks Association)

If someone else manages the bills

You can still sign up to the Priority Services Register if your bills:

  • are in someone else’s name, like your landlord
  • are included in your rent, for example through a housing association

If you have a carer, they can sign up for you. Or you can nominate someone to speak with the supplier for you. You can register for all or some of the services.

If you’re refused access to the register

Your suppliers should make reasonable adjustments. You should not be refused access to the Priority Services Register with any energy or water company if you’re eligible.

Scope’s team can help if you have any problems with your suppliers or bills.

Book a free appointment with a Scope adviser or call free on 0808 801 0828.

Managing your account

You can decide how your suppliers communicate with you. This is sometimes called managing your account or your preferences.

Suppliers should be able to send bills and information:

  • in large print
  • in Braille
  • in audio format
  • by email

You can ask for this by:

  • managing your account online
  • calling the supplier
  • or signing up to the Priority Services Register (PSR)

You may be able to contact your supplier by:

  • phone
  • email
  • online chat
  • text relay

Making meters accessible to you

If your meter is not easy to access, you can speak with your supplier about:

  • installing a smart meter which sends readings automatically
  • sending someone to read the meters regularly
  • moving the meter

Depending on your supplier, you might have to pay to move the meter. Changing to a smart meter should be free.

Your rights in asking for reasonable adjustments

Move your gas or electricity meter (Citizens Advice)

Ways of paying your bill

Depending on your suppliers and the types of meters you have, you may be able to pay:

  • through the supplier’s website or app
  • by phone
  • by cash or cheque
  • at a Post Office or Payzone
  • automatically by direct debit

It may be possible for you to switch to a smart meter where you can pay online, by direct debit or topping up a card.

Energy companies

Each company has its own Priority Services Register. You can find their contact details on your bill and register by phone.

You can register online if you are a customer of:

If you have a different company for your gas and electricity, you need to contact both.

Electricity network distributors

Electricity network distributors are responsible for getting electricity to homes and businesses where you live.

Each distributor has its own register, so you need to contact them directly. You can do this online, by phone or email, depending on the distributor.

Use your postcode to find your electricity distributor (Energy Networks Association).

North East England

Northern Powergrid

0800 011 3332

North West

Electricity North West

0800 195 41 41


Northern Powergrid

0800 011 3332


National Grid

0800 096 3080

Eastern England

UK Power Networks

0800 029 42 85

South Wales

National Grid

0800 096 3080

Southern England

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution

0800 294 3259


UK Power Networks

0800 029 42 85

South East England

UK Power Networks

0800 029 42 85

South West England

National Grid

0800 096 3080

North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Shropshire

SP Energy Networks

0800 001 5400

Gas network distributors

Gas network distributors are responsible for getting gas to homes and businesses where you live.

Each distributor has its own register, so you need to contact them directly. You can do this online, by phone or email, depending on the distributor.

Who’s my energy supplier or network operator? (Energy Networks Association)

Scotland and Southern England (including South London)


0800 975 18 18

North East England, Yorkshire and Northern Cumbria

Northern Gas Network

0800 040 77 66

West Midlands, North West England and East England (Including London)


0800 389 80 00

Wales and West

Wales and West Utilities

0800 072 62 02

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