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Switching energy tariff or supplier

Switching energy suppliers can save you money on your bills.

How to switch energy supplier (Citizens Advice)

Comparing energy tariffs

Ofgem regulates energy companies. Ofgem accredited sites will compare tariffs and suppliers in a fairer way.

Accredited comparison sites (Ofgem)

Compare energy suppliers' customer service (Citizens Advice)

If you are in debt with your current supplier

You may still be able to switch supplier if you owe them money. This can depend on the length of time you have been in debt and how much you owe.

Switching energy supplier if you're in debt (Citizens Advice)

Smart meters

It's important to check if your smart meter will still work the same. For example, with some suppliers you might need to send meter readings yourself once you have switched.

If you have a prepayment smart meter

If you switch to a new supplier, your credit will not usually be carried over from your old supplier. You would still need to top up.

Your old supplier will refund your credit to you after your switch.

Warm Home Discount

Suppliers have different rules for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Contact a supplier to find out if you would be eligible under their rules before you switch.

The Scheme can take £140 off your electricity bill between September and March.

Priority Services Register

If you have signed up to the Priority Services Register with your current supplier, you will need to do this again with your new supplier.

Priority Services Register

If your supplier does not let you switch

You should complain if your supplier tries to stop you from switching when you are entitled to.

Complain to your energy supplier (Citizens Advice)

You may need to write to your supplier and say why you have the right to switch.

Letter to switch energy supplier if you have a prepayment meter (Citizens Advice)

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