Campaigns Toolkit

Our Campaigns Toolkit will help you construct the perfect campaign

Successful campaigning is planned and delivered using certain steps – but there are a lot of opportunities to do things in different ways that work best for your particular campaign. Campaigners approach campaigning in different ways and every campaign evolves differently depending on the tactics and strategy and the people involved. The more campaigning you do, the more confident you will get and the easier it will become.

People campaign for all sorts of reasons but all campaigners have one thing in common, they want to change something. From changing the law to changing people’s attitudes, campaigning can influence the way people act and help to bring about the change you want.

So, what about you? What do you want to change?

The following guide will help you decide the focus of your campaign, how to plan your actions, how to choose your campaigning tools, and how to assess if your campaign is working.