Step 1 – What’s Your Campaign Issue?

What’s the problem?

What do you want to change? You need to be quite clear about what exactly could be done better.

What would success look like?

You need to consider what success would look like. It might be very simple or it might be quite complicated. You might not know exactly what the solution is. However, before you move on to Step 2 you need to have a clear idea of what you want your campaign to achieve. One example of what success looks like is the campaign to make Letchworth and Hitchin Station accessible

Is a campaign required?

It is best practice to have tried all other available options before launching a campaign. Therefore it is important to use formal complaints and feedback mechanisms if these could resolve the problem.  You should find information on how to make a complaint on company or organisation websites.

Top tip

Some useful ideas about planning your campaign can be found in the Youth Parliament Handbook (PDF document, 6.83 MB).

Top tip

The KnowHow Non-Profit website has some useful tips on how to identify what you want to change.