Support to Work Extra: tailored employment support

Support to Work Extra offers tailored employment support for disabled people.

You could be looking for your first job, or to get back into work, education, training, or volunteering. We will work together to help you achieve your goals.


Support to Work Extra is free and open to you, if you are:

  • disabled or have an impairment or condition
  • aged 16 and over
  • live in England

In-person support is available in:

  • London
  • Leeds, and
  • Manchester

If you live elsewhere in England, support will be online and by phone.

Employment advice, training, and support

Our employment advisers will talk with you and agree the level of support you need to reach your goals.

You will work with your adviser for up to 20 weeks.

We will support you to:

  • grow in confidence, assertiveness, and independence
  • develop your interview skills
  • find volunteering, training, education, or employment opportunities
  • talk about disability in the workplace
  • help you to write a CV or job application for you
  • support you to search for jobs and work experience for you

One-to-ones with your adviser

You will also have regular meetings with your adviser. These one-to-ones will offer you support and guidance throughout the programme.

Group support and training sessions

Your employment adviser will recommend group support and training sessions that they believe will benefit you and your goals.

These sessions will give you the skills and support to succeed in your career journey.

Access eLearning with Learn at Scope

Learn at Scope is a convenient and simple eLearning platform that will help you get into work.

Designed to make your job search and career progression easier. Giving you access to tools and developing your skills to get the job you want or boost your career.

Ask your adviser how you can access Learn at Scope.

Access to our Jobs board

As part of this service, you will get access to our jobs board which contains hundreds of job vacancies you can apply for.

Speak to your adviser if you want to use the jobs board.

Making adjustments

We can provide adjustments if you need them, such as:

Further employment advice

We also have online advice and support about work and careers.