Working on Wellbeing: employment support in Wales

Working on Wellbeing is available in Welsh.

Working on Wellbeing is an employment training and support programme for disabled people in Wales. We will work with you to develop a programme around your career goals and how you can achieve them.

With easing of coronavirus restriction, we are now offering face-to-face support.


Working on Wellbeing is open to people who are:

  • disabled - including if you have a physical or sensory impairment, learning difficulty or autism
  • living in Wales
  • aged 16 and over
  • unemployed

If you are an Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator working with pupils aged over 16, we also offer training through our partners Legacy in the Community.

Employment advice and support

Working on Wellbeing will support you to:

  • understand your career goals
  • grow in confidence, assertiveness and independence
  • write your CV
  • develop your interview skills
  • find and apply for volunteering, training or employment opportunities
  • talk about disability in the workplace

Our specialist employment advisers will talk with you to discuss the support you need. You’ll have regular sessions with your adviser and may be offered group training sessions.

Face-to-face support

You can choose to have face-to-face sessions or continue having these online and by phone.

Access eLearning with Learn at Scope

Learn at Scope is a convenient and simple eLearning platform that will help you get into work.

Designed to make your job search and career progression easier. Giving you access to tools and developing your skills to get the job you want or boost your career.

Ask your adviser how you can access Learn at Scope.

Access to our Jobs board

As part of this service, you will get access to our jobs board which contains hundreds of job vacancies you can apply for.

Speak to your adviser if you want to use the jobs board.

Making adjustments

We can provide adjustments if you need them, such as:

Working with local employers

We want to help local businesses employ more disabled people. Please contact us to find out more.

Funded by Welsh Government

Delivered in partnership with Legacy in the Community