Face to face fundraising

You may have talked to one of our fundraisers at your door, on the street, in one of our shops or at an event. They are an important part of our effort to create a fair and equal society for disabled people.

This page answers some common questions our supporters ask about our fundraisers. If you have a question which isn't answered here, you can contact us at supportercare@scope.org.uk or on 0808 800 3333.

Before meeting your fundraiser, I had no knowledge of what Scope does. I wouldn’t have signed up if it wasn’t for him.

Scope Supporter, Bristol

Recognising Scope fundraisers

Scope fundraisers will:

  • have a photo ID badge
  • have a letter allowing them to collect Direct Debits on Scope's behalf
  • usually be wearing something with the Scope logo on it.

Our fundraising agencies

Working with fundraising agencies helps us speak to many more supporters than we could do ourselves.

The agencies we work with are as passionate as us when they’re talking to new supporters and hold themselves to the same high standards. We expect all our fundraisers to treat you with respect and always comply with fundraising regulations.

We have a dedicated fundraising team who ensure the quality of our fundraisers' work. They:

Our fundraisers are professionally trained and paid to work for us.

Why we fundraise face to face

Talking to people like you on your doorstep, in the street or at an event is one of the most successful ways of raising ongoing, regular donations. For every £1 we spend on face to face fundraising, we raise more than £2 for the charity.

I fundraise for Scope because I have disabled people in my family, and I’ve seen first-hand the difficulties they can face. I’m proud to knock on doors and spread the word about Scope. I hope my passion comes across to would-be supporters.

Ian, Scope fundraiser

Contact us

Contact us for any questions about our face to face fundraisers.

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