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Gaming for good co-production group

Induction pack

  1. Foreword by James Taylor (on this page)
  2. About Scope
  3. About co-production
  4. Gaming for Good
  5. Aims and responsibilities
  6. Group member profiles

Foreword by James Taylor

As a disabled person and avid gamer, I'm really pleased to welcome you to Scope and delighted that you are part of this group.

Over the past year we've seen a huge growth in different ways many of us are staying connected with friends, family and loved ones. Gaming is being seen as less and less as a niche hobby and more and more a powerful way to connect with one another and have fun.

For those of us who have been shielding, or who have family who are shielding, getting online into virtual worlds can be the only escape we have.

James Taylor sitting by a window in the Scope office. He has short brown hair and stubble.

At Scope we know how important communities - whether physical or virtual - are in providing disabled people up and down the country with a sense of independence, and in tackling isolation and loneliness that sadly many in this country are experiencing.

With this project we want to help tackle this.

We want to use gaming for good.

We want to create something that provides a meaningful contribution to the gaming world and brings together communities of disabled and non-disabled gamers who are committed to equality for disabled people.

And we want to work side by side with you - hearing about your experiences, your expertise and your views to do just that.

At Scope we know that to achieve change we need to work and produce together with the millions of disabled people up and down the country and, around the world. We need to have diversity in our thinking, accessibility at the heart and equality running through everything. We cant create things on our own, nor do we want to. And no one person is more important than any other.

So your role in this group, as an equal partner, is to help us and to challenge us create a project that gets all of us gaming for good.

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