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Adjustments for a new job

How to ask for reasonable adjustments when you've had a job offer.

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Adjustments if your condition changes

You can ask for reasonable adjustments at any time, not just when you start a new job. Find out about asking for new adjustments if your condition changes.

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Asking for adjustments after becoming disabled

Find out about asking for workplace adjustments if you become disabled while working.

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Flexible and part-time working

If you cannot work full-time because of disability, you can ask your employer for part-time or flexible working.

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Advice and information about homeworking or remote working for disabled employees.

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If your employer rejects adjustments

Negotiating to get what you need at work and challenging unfair decisions.

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Managing stress at work

Getting help and support from your manager if you are feeling stressed at work.

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Reasonable adjustments at work

The Equality Act 2010 requires an employer to make reasonable adjustments to enable a disabled person to work.

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Sick leave

Find information about sick leave, taking time off and reasonable adjustments for disability-related absences from work.

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Stopping work and ill health retirement

If you’re thinking of retiring because of ill health or a disability, take time to consider your options. Work out what each one will mean for you financially as well as for your health and wellbeing, and get expert, independent financial advice.

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