Our services

See all the kinds of support we offer for disabled people, families and professionals

Advice and information

We provide free and confidential information, advice and support for disabled people, their families, carers and professionals – online, on the phone and in person. We also link to independent disability advice services in your area.


We support disabled people to find jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities that will develop their careers and deliver results for employers.

Sleep services

We provide practical advice to parents and carers of disabled children who have difficulties sleeping.

School workshops

We’re working with secondary schools to help them create inclusive learning environments and start conversations about disability.

Community engagement

We offer disabled people, their families and unpaid carers the time and space to think about what issues matter to them in their own local community, and the opportunity to take action on them together.

The future for regulated and day services

We have transferred our regulated and day services to another credible provider who will invest in them and ensure continuity of care for everyone in the future.

How and why we run services - links to our approach page

How and why we run services for disabled people and their families.