Getting more suitable accommodation and moving house

This information applies to England and Wales.

Approach your local council if your home is not suitable for your needs.

Find your local council (GOV.UK)

An occupational therapist (OT) can help identify aids or adaptations to help you remain at home.

If your property is not suitable, the OT’s report will provide crucial evidence to the local housing department.

Housing easy read guide (Mencap)

Council housing

Each council has an allocations policy on their website. This will tell you if you are eligible.

How to apply for council housing (Shelter)

Councils have a legal duty to help most people who are homeless. You will have a priority need for housing if you are vulnerable because of old age, mental illness or disability. The rules around homelessness are complex, so seek advice.

Seek specialist housing advice (Shelter)

Financial help to move

There is some financial help available if you need a deposit for a privately rented property.

Rent deposit, bond and guarantee schemes (Shelter)

If you need help with rent in advance and you’re receiving a means-tested (based on your income) benefit, you might get a budgeting loan. This can help pay for essential things like rent in advance or removal costs.

Get a budgeting loan (GOV.UK)

Discretionary Housing Payment

You can also apply for a grant to help meet the cost of adapting a property where a disabled person lives. This includes mobile homes and houseboats. The adaptations must meet the specific needs of the disabled person. Usually an OT will carry out the assessment. Proposed adaptations must be reasonable and practicable.

Disability grants for home adaptations

Sources of housing advice

  • Shelter offers free, confidential advice to people with all kinds of housing problems.
  • Crisis offers advice and support for homeless people.
  • Habinteg is a housing provider offering and promoting accessible, adaptable and affordable homes.

Find a local housing adviser (Turn2us)

Talk to the Scope online community about housing.

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