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Living with someone and Severe Disability Premium

There are rules about who you can live with and still be eligible for Severe Disability Premium.

You can still be eligible if all the people you live with meet any 1 of the following criteria. The criteria are the same if:

  • someone moves in with you, or
  • you move in with someone else

Either of these may be a “change in circumstances”. This means you need to start claiming Universal Credit. You cannot receive this disability premium and Universal Credit, but you may be eligible for transitional payments.

There are 2 other disability premiums with different eligibility criteria:

  • Disability Premium
  • Enhanced Disability Premium

Disability premiums 

Who you can live with and still be eligible

You can live with someone who meets any 1 of these eligibility criteria and still receive Severe Disability Premium. They are:

  • under 18
  • 18 to 19, part of your family and are a qualifying young person
  • receiving the PIP daily living component
  • a commercial tenant, lodger or landlord who is not a relative
  • receiving DLA care component at the middle or highest rate
  • receiving Attendance Allowance
  • receiving Constant Attendance Allowance paid with Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or War Pension
  • receiving Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • certified severely sight impaired or blind
  • a live-in carer employed by a charitable or voluntary body, if you pay a wage for the service

The Department for Work and Pensions also calls meeting 1 of these criteria as “exceptions” and being “treated as living alone”.

Warning Carer’s Allowance or carer element of Universal Credit

You cannot claim Severe Disability Premium if a person supporting you is receiving either:

Living with your parents

If you live with your parents, you could still be eligible for Severe Disability Premium. But they still must meet 1 of the eligibility criteria.

Supported living

You may still be eligible for Severe Disability Premium if you are in supported living.

You need to have your own tenancy agreement, not joint with other residents. You would also need to meet the other eligibility criteria as well.

Other eligibility criteria

There are other eligibility criteria for Severe Disability Premium.

Disability premiums 

For example, you cannot claim any disability premium if you are receiving Universal Credit. This includes Severe Disability Premium.

If you are moving from older, ‘legacy’ benefits to Universal Credit, you may be eligible for Transitional Protection or other payments.

When to get advice

Contact our helpline if you either:

  • jointly own your home, or
  • receive Housing Benefit

Scope helpline

Find an adviser (Turn2us)

Jointly owning your home or joint renting

Get advice if you live with someone who is a close relative and any of the following apply. This is when you either:

  • jointly own your home, or
  • are jointly responsible for paying the rent or mortgage

Housing Benefit

Get advice if you receive Housing Benefit. The eligibility criteria for Housing Benefit are different from Severe Disability Premium.

Universal Credit

You cannot receive Severe Disability Premium and Universal Credit at the same time. If you are already receiving Severe Disability Premium, you may be eligible for transitional payments. Your income will usually be lower if you move to Universal Credit. 

Last reviewed by Scope on: 06/06/2022

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