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Disability benefits

If you are disabled, you could get disability benefits, grants and advice about money

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Benefits discrimination

You should be able to make a claim for benefits in a way that is accessible to you. If you’re disabled, you have the right to reasonable adjustments.

Benefits and mental health

If your mental health means you find it hard to work or complete daily tasks, you could claim benefits. Criteria can include depression or anxiety.

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Savings and benefits

Savings affect some benefits. You can have savings and still claim means-tested benefits. But you must stay within saving limits set by the DWP.

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Inheritance and benefits

If you inherit a cash lump sum, property, stocks and shares, this might affect means-tested benefits you receive.

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Work and claiming benefits

You can work while claiming benefits, this includes permitted work. Find out how working will affect your benefits and if you’re entitled to support.

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Mortgages and benefits

If your household income consists solely of disability benefits, it can be difficult to secure a mortgage on your home.

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Self-employment and benefits

Self-employment can affect your entitlement to benefits. Find out about permitted work you can do as disabled person.

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What to do after redundancy

Finding work, maintaining your income and applying for benefits when you lose your job as a disabled employee.

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Student finance and benefits

How student loans and university bursaries and scholarships might affect your benefits as a disabled student.

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