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Disability benefits

If you are disabled, you could get disability benefits, grants and advice about money

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Inheritance and benefits

If you inherit a cash lump sum, property, stocks and shares, this might affect means-tested benefits you receive.

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Working and your benefits

How many hours you work can affect your entitlement to benefits as a disabled person.

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Challenging a DWP decision

If you do not agree with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decision about your benefit claim, you can challenge it.

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Work probation and benefits

How to manage your benefits when you start work and what will happen if you need to make a claim after failing your probation.

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Mortgages and benefits

If your household income consists solely of disability benefits, it can be difficult to secure a mortgage on your home.

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Self-employment and benefits

Self-employment can affect your entitlement to benefits. Find out about permitted work you can do as disabled person.

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When your condition changes

If your condition changes, you may be eligible for different benefits and need adjustments to help you stay in work.

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Benefits discrimination

You should be able to make a claim for benefits in a way that is accessible to you. If you’re disabled, you have the right to reasonable adjustments.

Effect of savings on benefits

You and your partner's savings will affect the money you get from means-tested benefits.

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